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Name: Kurgan Othan

Age: Estimated 195

Race: Dunmer

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Kurgan stands roughly 5' 7", fit and slightly muscular, with long, black hair. His goatee reaches down to where his neck meets his shoulders. Between Kurgan's two angled eyebrows lies a red tribunal hand tattoo. One can always see Kurgan wearing his sharded glass armor, forged in Morrowind. He never wore the helmit of this suit of armor for reasons unexplained.

Known Relatives/Spouses: Velnas Othan (Father), Olvyna Othan (Mother), Sernu Othan (Sister)

Personality: Kurgan normally keeps to himself when in a public place, although is not above meeting new people. He has a deep and raspy voice, and is generally friendly. Kurgan has a deep seeded hatered towards the Argonian and Orc races.

Skills: Magic, Blade, Light Armor
Classes: Destruction-Master, Restoration-Journeyman, Alteration-Journeyman, Mysticism-Apprentice


Name: Freezing Lightning- This is a combined spell of a frost spell that creates an area of twenty feet of icy death, and a lightning spell that creates a storm of lightning for fifteen seconds that inflicts decent amount of damage every second.

Name: Flame Tempest- This is a combined spell of a fire spell that inflicts tremendous amounts of fire damage over a period of fifteen seconds, and a lightning spell that creates an area of fifteen feet of an electric storm.

Name: Disintegration- This is a combined spell of two disintegrating spells, one that will completely degrade a piece of armor, and one that will completely degrade an enemie's weapon.

Name: Lighten Step- This is a combined spell that will give Kurgan 75 pounds of free weight for three-hundred seconds and gives him the ability to walk on water for fifty seconds.

Name: Shield- This is a combined spell that gives Kurgan moderate protection against fire, frost, lightning, and physical damage for fifteen seconds.

In the years before the eternal champion was birthed, Velnas Othan and Olvyna Othan became proud parents of their second born child, Kurgan Othan. Velnas and Olvyna lived in Tel Vos and where active members of the House Telvanni. Velnas was a Wizard of the house and Olvyna was a Spellwright of the house. When Kurgan was born, they decided to move to Sadrith Mora so that they could nurture Kurgan’s magical promise as early as possible. Kurgan’s parents already knew the house’s Archmagister, so they went to him for assistance. When Kurgan was already a year old, his family had completed the move to Sadrith Mora and began to nurture his magicka. Gothren, who was the Archmagister welcomed Kurgan as an addition to the Telvanni House. Many years had passed since Kurgan’s family’s arrival in Sadrith Mora, and almost every hour of it Kurgan spent training spellmanship. When Kurgan was twelve years old, his mother gave birth to his sister, Sernu Othan. When Kurgan was nineteen, he was sent of his first real assignment for advancement. This assignment was to give Kurgan the rank of the Mouth in the house. Kurgan was to deliver a package to the demi-god Vivec, and he had strict orders not to open it. Kurgan knew this was going to be a long journey for him, but he was also excited, because he had never traveled out of the Telvanni regions. He told his parents and his little sister goodbye and left on his boat. Many months passed as he was traveling around the island to the city. He had little to occupy his time, but he did what he knew how to do best, train. For those months he trained his destruction magic and created better ways to use the spells he already knew. Finally after months sailing around the island, Kurgan reached Vivec’s temple. Kurgan decided to dock his boat in Ebonheart and stay there for the night, rather than heading straight for Vivec. Kurgan decided to explore the city and give himself a taste of the rest of the world. From the pavestone streets to the ebony statue of a dragon in the square, Ebonheart was a spectacle for Kurgan’s eyes. As he was walking through the dragon square, he felt gazes of disgust and untrustworthiness. Kurgan continued into the city with a high guard, from the gazes of people, he felt unwelcome. As Kurgan was standing in the center of the town, he noticed a dunmer walking by him. The dunmer was wearing a suit of armor that Kurgan had never seen before. Kurgan was looking at the armor inquisitively, when the man noticed and walked towards him. Kurgan quickly glanced around to try to fool the dunmer. When Kurgan returned his eyes forward, the dunmer was right there.
“You have a lot of nerve to show up around here fetcher.” The dunmer said to Kurgan.
Kurgan looked at him questioningly, why is he treating me like this, he wondered to himself.
“Don’t think I am so ignorant to turn a blind eye to you. I know you are with the Telvanni house, and I know you were sent here to spy on me. Obviously you are a new recruit to them; you didn’t even bother hiding your allegiance to them. I can see their insignia on all you wear. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?”
Kurgan began to feel a scowl come across his face as this man just stared at him.
“Hmpf, typical of Telvanni’s, what’s wrong, do you not like to talk to strangers?” The man grabs Kurgan by his robes and pulls him forward,” Listen to me Telvanni dog, I am the new Duke, I am Vedan Dren, GRANDMASTER OF HOUSE HLAALU! So how about you give this message to your little Archmagister.” Vedan threw Kurgan back against a wall. Vedan then walked right up to Kurgan and whispered, “Don’t ever come back,” and slapped Kurgan across the face with the back of his right hand. Vedan spat on Kurgan as he lied on the ground, and then walked away.
Kurgan stood up, insulted and humiliated. He wanted retaliation but knew that it would bring a great consequence if he even made a threat to a man with such influence. Shamed, Kurgan headed over to the dock to get his boat. However, something was different, his boat was not even there. He ran over to the dock and grabbed the harbor master by his shirt.
“Where is my boat?!?” Kurgan screamed into his face. The harbor master shoved Kurgan off of him.
“Tch, why don’t you look over there, Telvanni puppet,” the harbor master pointed over Kurgan’s shoulder into the water. There was a Hlaalu guard standing in the water near his boat with a torch. Kurgan knew exactly what was about to happen. He ran off towards the guard to try to stop him. It was too late, the guard threw the torch on Kurgan’s boat and in seconds it was in flames. That was the last straw, these people where trying to keep him stranded here he thought. Kurgan was not going to let that happen. As he was running down the road passed the Hlaalu guard, Kurgan let out a huge lightning blast at the guard. The blast hit with such a force it sent the guard flying into the burning boat. Kurgan knew that was it, he could not go back to any Hlaalu areas, but he still had one more thing to do in this region. Deliver the package to Vivec. It was almost nightfall and Kurgan was close to Vivec. He thought about stopping but it would be too dangerous, he knew he had Hlaalu on his trail. Kurgan saw a road split off to the right towards the city of Vivec. He read the sign and begun to panic. This was Hlaalu’s area of Vivec, he had to go through this area to get to Vivec. Going through was fine, he knew that there was no possible way all the guards in this area could be alerted already. So he went through the sector with ease, just thoughts of how to get out of the city where clouding his mind. Kurgan finally arrived at the footsteps of the main entrance to the temple. He was awestruck at the size and craftsmanship of the building. Although nothing prepared him to look up and see a rock floating in the sky. It was Kurgan’s first look at the ministry of truth.
“Impressive isn’t it?” A voice said next to Kurgan.
“Yeah, I have never seen anything like it.” Kurgan responded looking over to where the voice came from.
”It’ll be the last thing you ever see Telvanni CURR!” Vedan Dren screamed as he lunged a dagger towards Kurgan’s stomach. Kurgan leapt to his left and barely dodged the blade. Kurgan charged a fire and lightning spell each hand as he got up and ran towards the Duke. Kurgan placed his hands on the Duke’s chest and released all of his magicka into a fire and lightning blast. Vedan went flying back onto the bridge of the temple. Vedan moved his arm a little to try to move, but the blast had paralyzed him temporarily. Kurgan took advantage of this opportunity and ran for the main shrine. He ran up the countless stairs and opened the door to the shrine of Vivec himself.
“Leave the package there and remove yourself from this place,” Vivec said, with no emotion. Kurgan was astonished, he had only heard stories of what Vivec was like. He never thought he would see him in person. Kurgan snapped out of his daze and placed the package on the ground in front of him.
“Now go,” Vivec said. Kurgan did not want to displease him so he left immediately. As Kurgan walked back outside into the night, he saw Vedan standing at the bottom of the stairs, surrounded by Hlaalu guards. Kurgan was trapped. He thought that this was where his life ended. He then realized there was one other option. As Vedan and his guards where running up the stairs, Kurgan leapt over the side of the temple and plummeted towards the water. Kurgan hit the water with a huge splash and cased a spell that allowed him to breathe underwater. He swam towards the front of the city, constantly checking for guards or Vedan. Kurgan made it to the main entrance of the city. It was still night when Kurgan emerged from the water. He walked over to a sign to see what direction he should take to get back to his home. Kurgan did not recognize any of these areas, so he decided to go north. Many days passed before Kurgan saw any sign of a major settlement, although he finally begun to see outlines of tall structures to the east. Kurgan hastily advanced towards the structures. By the time the sun was high, Kurgan arrived in a new town. The sign on the way in said “Pelagiad”. Kurgan walked the streets of the little settlement and noticed an inn. If anyone knows how to get back to Sadrith Mora, they would be in there, he thought to himself. Kurgan walked into the inn and sat down on a bar stool.
“Hello stranger!” the bartender said,” What can I get you?”
“Sure thing.”
Kurgan looked around the room at the people. Which one looks like they know, that was his only thought.
“Here you go sir!” the bartender said as he sat the tankard of ale in front of Kurgan.
Kurgan nodded at the bartender and then continued looking around. One dunmer stuck out to Kurgan. He was wearing green armor, it was jagged and looked like it was pieced together as if it were made of glass. Kurgan stood up and walked towards the man. The man raised his head and looked at Kurgan as he was standing next to his table.
“Excuse me, mind if I have a seat?” Kurgan said.
“Sure, I don’t mind.” Said the dunmer.
Kurgan sat down and looked at the dunmer. “My name is Kurgan Othan.” Kurgan said as he was extending out his hand.
The dunmer shook his hand, “I thought you were Telvanni.” Kurgan looked at him puzzled. “Sorry friend, you learn a lot about names and if they belong to a certain house or faction when you travel as much as I do.” Kurgan nodded at the man and allowed him to continue. “My name is Bodnar Tedas. So what brings you to this area?”
“I was sent on an assignment by the archmagister, and my boat ended up in Hlaalu’s possession. So I am just trying to find my way back to Sadrith Mora.”
“Well Kurgan, you are a long ways off from Sadrith Mora.” Kurgan’s head dropped. “But I was heading up to Ghostgate at the foot of Red Mountain. You are more than welcome to accompany me. But first, we have to get you a weapon.” Bodnar dug through some of his possessions. “Here you can have this, I was just going to trade it for some ale anyway.”
Kurgan took the blade and unsheathed it. It was a glass blade, just like Bodnar’s armor. “I don’t even know how to properly wield such a weapon. I am just a mage.”
“Well you will be spending a lot of time with me so you are bound to learn something. Rest up, get a room and sleep here for the night. We will leave for Ghostgate in the morning.”
Bodnar and Kurgan left Pelagiad before the sun fully rose above the horizon. Months had passed and they were almost at the summit of Red Mountain. Kurgan had learned a lot from Bodnar about how to wield and fight with a sword, but also kept up his regular magic training. Kurgan and Bodnar had set up camp for the night.
“By midday tomorrow Kurgan, we will be at Ghostgate.”
“Excellent my friend, where will we go from there?”
“Well I just have to finish up some business with an old acquaintance, and then we can head to Sadrith Mora.”
“Wait, you’re coming with me to Sadrith Mora?”
“Why wouldn’t I Kurgan? It’s a new place to me!”
Kurgan smiled and went to sleep. Later in the night Kurgan was awaken by a loud noise. Kurgan looked up from his bedroll only to see Bodnar in the hands of a darkly dressed man. The man wore all black, even covered his face. His eyes where covered by some sort of reflective material to which Kurgan couldn’t see into. Just as Kurgan sat up to stop the man, his knife went straight into Bodnar’s side, and then sliced open his throat. Kurgan screamed, ran towards the shrouded man with blade drawn. Kurgan swung his sword at the man, and the attack was dodged. Kurgan quickly placed his hand on the man’s chest and let a powerful lightning spell blast. The man slammed into a rock and was dazed. Kurgan threw his blade and impaled the man’s head. Kurgan fell to his knees at looked at Bodnar’s lifeless body. He was the only friend Kurgan has had over these past few years. He taught Kurgan so much about swordsmanship and living in the wilderness. Kurgan stood up and walked over to the dead man. Kurgan pulled his sword out from his skull, letting the body fall down on the ground. Kurgan searched his pockets for any clues as for his motives. Kurgan found something, a note. He pulled it out of the man’s pocket and read it. It was an order, from a member of the dark brotherhood, to kill Bodnar. Kurgan folded up the note and put it with his possessions. He knew who did this to his friend, and they would pay for it. Kurgan took off Bodnar’s armor and buried him. He put on Bodnar’s armor, sheathed his sword, and placed Bodnar’s other sword by his side. Kurgan left towards Ghostgate by himself, but keeping a friends memory with him. Kurgan stayed at Ghostgate for a couple of weeks, doing odd jobs. Until one day he found a map of Vvardenfell in the book store. This is it, this is what he has been looking for. Now I can finally return home, Kurgan thought to himself. He grabbed his things and immediately left Ghostgate towards Sadrith Mora. A couple years later and it finally happened, Kurgan reached the westernmost coast of Vvardenfell and he could see Sadrith Mora in the distance. Kurgan had fought many creatures in his travels, increasing his usage with a blade and his magic. He saw an abandoned boat on the coast and quickly used it to get to Sadrith Mora. Kurgan finally stepped foot onto his home again, after several years of being away, he was back. Kurgan started to head towards his family’s house when he was stopped by someone.
“Excuse me sir,” said the voice.
Kurgan turned to see who was hailing him.
The dunmer man looked upon him with joyful eyes. “Kurgan! It is you my son!”
Kurgan ran to Velnas with great haste. He embraced his father that he had not seen in years. “Father, I am so glad to be home!”
“I am glad you have returned son, we all feared the worst for you. Quickly, go to the archmagister! He will be most pleased to see you have come back!”
Kurgan and his father went to the archmagister’s chambers together. On the way there, Kurgan told his father about everything that happened.
“Hopefully he is not going to be upset about the Duke son.”
“Father I did not have much choice.”
“I know that son; let us see what he thinks.”
The two of them entered the archmagister’s chambers. Kurgan walked in only to be greeted by archmagister Gothren, talking to Duke Vedan Dren.
“And I told you Dren that I did not have anything to do with Kurgan being in Ebonheart!”
“As if I believe you, lying Telvanni cur.”
Kurgan stood motionless in the doorway.
“Well, well, well if it isn’t your little spy! I’ll have him killed right here by my blade for what he did to me!” Vedan Dren yelled as he ran towards Kurgan.
Gothren’s two Dremora guards stopped Vedan with blades drawn. “If you even touch the House Telvanni’s Magister I will have you departed from this life in a second your fetcher!” screamed Gothren.
Vedan shook himself free, “Fine, but this is not the last you have heard of this matter.” Vedan spat on the ground in front of Kurgan and his father and exited the room.
Gothren walked towards Kurgan with his arm’s spread, “Kurgan! I am so glad to see you survived those years in the ash lands! Also a successful delivery to Vivec. I am now promoting you to Telvanni’s Magister!”
Kurgan stood in shock, “but archmagister, are you sure? I almost, singlehandedly, started a war between house-“
“Kurgan there is always bad blood between the houses, I can not change that and neither can you. I am rewarding you with this high position only because you are the only one I know to survive like that with such low training in the sort. Now, will you enlighten me, what exactly happened those years you where gone?”
Kurgan told Gothren everything that had happened, showed him the note and his swords.
“Such travels…I am sorry to hear about your friend though Kurgan. Regardless, go home my magister, rest, and we will talk more tomorrow about your duties.”
Many years passed while Kurgan was the House Telvanni’s magister. Many changes in the empire as well, Dagoth Uhr was defeated and the Emperor was assassinated. Kurgan’s father had died years back while on an assignment to dispatch of some Hlaalu spies. Kurgan was walking to his mother and his sister’s home when he noticed the door was bashed open. Kurgan unsheathed his blades and ran inside. His mother lied in the floor in a pool of her own blood, and he heard screaming coming from up the stairs in his sister’s room. Kurgan quickly ran up there only to see his sister being raped and beaten by an Orc. The Orc turned around and saw Kurgan. He smiled and snapped his sister’s neck, then drew his weapon. Kurgan sprinted towards the Orc, and hit the Orc with a mighty swing. The Orc stumbled back only to mock Kurgans attack. Kurgan sheathed his swords and pulled every ounce of his magicka into his hands. Feeling the electricity and fire course around them like a conductor, Kurgan let the Orc swing at him. Kurgan quickly dodged the Orc’s hammer and unleashed a massive fire bolt pulsing with lightning at the Orc. The blast was so powerful, it blew out half of the wall and sent the Orc falling to the street. Kurgan leapt down with his swords drawn and impaled the Orc in both shoulders. The Orc let out an agonizing roar.
“SHUT THAT BOAR MOUTH OF YOURS, FUCKING CURR DIE!” Kurgan pulled out his blades and used them both to decapitate the Orc. Kurgan stood up and walked towards the archmagister’s chambers. A guard stopped him on his way.
“What was that all about Kurgan?”
“Why don’t you walk in the house and use those eyes of yours, before I carve them out of your skull fetcher.” Kurgan slammed into the guard as he continued walking to the archmagister.
“I am done with Sadrith Mora Gothren!”
“Kurgan is this about-“
“It’s about nothing! I am done with this city! I am leaving! Kick me out of the house or not, I could give a boar’s balls, but I am leaving.”
“If this is what you feel best Kurgan, I can not stop you. I will not strip you of your rank, nor expel you from the House Telvanni. All I wish is that you find peace where ever you go Kurgan.”
“…Peace left with an Orc’s cock in my sister…” Kurgan said as he turned and walked away from Gothren. Kurgan arrived at the docks and looked out, and thought about which way to go. He had already been through the heart of Vvardenfell, so it was time for a new place. Kurgan went to the eastern most side of the island and looked out to see the mainland of Morrowind.
“Goodbye Velnas, Olvyna, Sernu, and Bodnar.” Kurgan said as he looked towards the mainland. Kurgan lifted his hand and cast a spell, and then ran all the way to Morrowind.

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Kurgan Othan
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