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 Rough Days in Cheydinhal

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PostSubject: Re: Rough Days in Cheydinhal   Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:18 pm

Barely conscious, Kurgan watched as the Argonian brutally killed Gnor and tossed his body aside. As the Argonian's hand came towards Kurgan, all he could see was its face, sneering at him. Kurgan was about to close his eye's, just as he saw Warik intervene and save his life. He watched as the Argonian left and Warik quickly picked him up to his feet. Kurgan stood there, motionless and weak as Warik grabbed the tied up Orc and came back towards him. Warik went to help out Kurgan as he refused his help.
" I am fine, Warik, i can walk." Kurgan said, winded as he began to limp next to Warik. "Look, I am sorry for all that has happened so far, We really did get off to a piss of a start Warik." Kurgan sighed underneath his words. "I never meant for those fetchers to bring the entire town into our fight! This was supposed to be mine and mine alone. I could have handled them all by myself." Kurgan said, clinching his fists as the two of them walked outside of the Cheydinhal west gate. Kurgan turned towards Warik as the gate closed. Kurgan held at his hand, "I know it's past time to re-start the introductions, so i want to say thank you Warik. It would be an honor to continue fighting by your side if you will it so. If not, i can continue my own path, get information from that worthless Orc on your shoulders." Weary and shaking from the battle, Kurgan looked up into Warik's eyes, "So what do you say, Warik?"
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PostSubject: Re: Rough Days in Cheydinhal   Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:27 pm

Warik had taken the opportunity Itun had bought them to make his way to the gate. He listened silently to Kurgan's words, while keeping an eye out for any guards, or worse, more of the orcish gang. When they had finally made it out of the gate, he turned to Kurgan, staring at him evenly as he listened to Kurgan's words. When Kurgan finished, he spoke. "Listen, Kurgan. In all honesty, I feel inclined to rearrange your face for that fight you started back there. Itun-Ru is my friend, and a wise and loyal one at that." Warik's stare softened a little as he continued. "However, you helped me with those green bastards. For that, I thank you." With that said, Warik used his free arm to clasp Kurgan's offered forearm. "We will forget what happened. But do not every threaten Itun again. I understand the problems between the two of you, but your in Cyrodiil now. Try to forget about your past. And I will make sure I tell Itun the same."
Warik began to walk again, keeping pace with the Dunmer. He glanced over at the Orc on his shoulder.
"This Orc, whatever he and his like did to you...I want in. They tried to kill me, and now they have involved me."
As they approached the Mine, Warik dropped the Orc on the ground, then signaled for Kurgan to come over.
"Itun has offered me a job...something for the Mage's Guild, something important. Accompany me, and when the job is complete, I will help you with your quest." Warik grinned a little. "Now, while we wait for my Argonian brother to arrive, what say you we have a little fun?" Warik kneeled down over the bound Orc and thumped him on the forehead, when the Orc moaned, he began to pat him on the cheek. "Come now, Orc, wake up for us." When the Orc's eyelids fluttered open, Warik smiled evilly, then delivered a scathing backhand to the Orc, sending blood and possibly a tooth flying. "Good evening, friend! Sleep well?" Warik smiled even wider as the Orc began to curse him. "My red-eye friend would like a word with you." The angry captive spat at Warik, though Warik's grin did not falter. He stood back up, and lightly placed his foot on the Orc's groin.
"You have two options, friend. Answer all of Kurgan's questions, and I do mean all, or I will crush your pathetic excuse for a manhood." Warik chuckled a bit at the look on the Orc's face. "Honestly, I'd prefer if you refuse to answer. Crushing Orc balls is a style of afflicting pain I've never got to try before. And I do so love inflicting pain."
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PostSubject: Re: Rough Days in Cheydinhal   Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:38 am

*Itun looked back at the gate as he watched his freind and the dark elf scurry out of the city making there escape. He sighed with relief and continued to lead the gaurds to the bar. As they approached a crowd of people had gathered and where muttereing amungst themselves. The gaurds showed up and inspected the bodies, they noticed the burns from the fire blast on each on of them. "What exactly happened to these men?" Itun began to exsplain how they were hurassing the bar made and terrorizing the patrons and he stepped in and things got out of hand. He weaved his lie's as easy as he weaved the spells that he was so proficent at. The gaurds took down every note and then Headed to the castle to file the report for the bars repairs and the indentitys of the Orc's. when they finished with Itun he headed around the corner, past the fighters guild, to the furthest building towards the southern wall. Apon entering, a long haird high elf woman just about knocked him over without noticing. Itun watched as the woman ran off down the street crying. Ituns eye narrowed, "Bulgerick!! I told you to stop running off the hopefuls." There was a clunk and then a loud smash as orc steped out from behined a corner. The orc was rather small for his race and was dressed in dark blue robes with a gold trim. He smiled and placed his hand on Itun shoulder, "I am sorry my friend, but they younger generation of magicians are so much fun to fuck with. Anyways, how did it go with Warik? Is he going to acompany you?" Itun headed for his room on the top floor as he and Bulgerick chatted. "Im not sure yet, there was an incodent at the bar and i never got a direct response from him. But im going to be leaving soon and ill have my answer. As always, you are in charge of the guild until i return. and for the love of Azura, dont scare off the hoepfulls if they come for their acceptance letter. just give them the quest and then see how they did. thats it." Bulgerick laugh again slapping his knee. "Fine fine, but you owe me for this. i hate putting up with YOUR work when i could be doing other stuff." Itun snapped back at him with a smile "Like what you lazy green toad stool. you barely do anything around here. How you ever got to be a Magician is beyond me." WIth that itun entered his room. He grabbed a pack from the corner and began to fill it with miscilanious scrolls, potiuons, crystals, and a few other goodies. The final thing he grabbed was the long ash staff that had a red gem set into the head. He pulled the bag over his shoulder and headed to the bottom floor. As he said his good bye to Bulgerick, he looked back at the room and left, making his way through the city to the gates to meet up with Warik and the Red Eyed curr.*
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PostSubject: Re: Rough Days in Cheydinhal   

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Rough Days in Cheydinhal
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