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 Itun-Ru character sheet

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PostSubject: Itun-Ru character sheet   Itun-Ru character sheet Icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 12:10 am

Name: Itun-Ru

Age: roughly 130

Race: Argonian

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Itun-Ru favors a green, blue, and red pattern of mixed scales that covers his entire body. The jagged spinal spikes run the length of his entire body and up to the top of his skull. His head spikes are not very long, but flow with the curves of his head.

Known Relatives/Spouses: Fin-Ra (father), Grit-Ren (brother), Sinfeara (Mother)

Personality: Itun-Ru is a very quiet lizard. He keeps to himself but will usually get himself into situations that he can’t handle alone. He has a deep hatred towards Dunmers as all Argonians do, due to the enslavement of his people.

Skills: Magic
Classes: Restoration=Expert, Illusion=Intermediate, Destruction=Intermediate

Name: Major Heal Afflictions
Description: This ability allows Itun-Ru to heal any physical damage done to him or companions. This is a combined spell that allows Itun-Ru to heal poisonings, paralysis, curses, or physical damage. However, the more extensive the attack, the longer it will take to heal.

Name: Flash Bolt
Description: This attack is a combination of 2 different destructive spells, flash fire and lightning bolt. It combines the destructive power of the fire base attack with the range of the lightning bolt. By charging the flash fire attack with electrical currents, the fire ball produced by Itun-Ru has the power to explode on contact with fire and then lighting jumps to the next closest opponent. Because this attack is a forgery of 2 mastered attacks, Itun-Ru can also fire the base attacks separately, but without the intensity of the Flash Bolt.

Name: Mirage
Description: The Ability Mirage is the illusion spell that can create inanimate objects out of thin air. These object, people, animal, do nothing but create a decoy of the users intended purpose. Itun-Ru can only create things that are the same size, or small, than his body mass.

Name: Chameleon
Description: chameleon bends light around the user creating the illusion of invisibility. Itun-Ru is able to cast this and become undetectable while standing still. Crawling, and sneaking blur the spell slightly but not enough to notice unless one is looking right at it.


In the deepest part of the Black Marsh in Morrowind, The family of Fin-Ra lived and prospered for many years. With the liberation of the Argonian people, Morrowind had grown into an ever bustling place in every city. But Black Marsh stayed as it always did, dark, wet, and dangerous. This cover made Fin-Ra sleep easy at night knowing that his family was safe from the outside world. In their small home in the swamps, Fin-Ra and his brood mate Sinfeara raised 2 young hatchlings. Their names were Grit-Ren, and Itun-Ra. Grit, being the first hatched, was a strong and wise young lizard. When he was old enough, he and his father would disappear into the woods to work with the ancient ones that the Argonians had named Hist’s. The arboreal ancestors needed constant care, and since everything Fin-Ra needed for his family was found in the swamp, taking care of the giant trees was more of a favor to their earth mother, Rendel. Itun-Ra however was the exact opposite of his older brother. He was lean, and swift, and focused more on his own ambitions than any other. He explored the marshlands without fear, and would constantly get himself into situation that would require his father or brother to pull him out of. Itun-Ru grew very fond of the earth and all that it had to provide for him and his family and soon joined his mother when she would go to gather food. He learned a lot about the plants and animals that they came across, and even more so on what could be used to help, or hurt, when needed. His mother was very fond of Itun-Ru and knew that deep down he had inherited some of her bloodline magical properties. Fin would not allow her to teach him, for he was one of the few Argonians that believed that the use of magic was a malicious attack on the earth mothers natural world. So Itun’s abilities lay dormant for the time being.
It wasn’t until Itun’s 23 years that his life began to change. One day, a cloaked man in bright steel armor approached the home. On his back he carried a very strange looking shield and the crest of an organization called the Blackwood Company etched into his cloak. The man was very slow and approached the small shack with caution. It wasn’t until he was in ear shot that he relised why. The man was a Dunmer and his red eyes were focused on the Argonian nest. Fin launched himself out the front door in a fit of rage, wielding his shovel that he had sitting by the front door. The man’s sword glimmered against the black muck of the swamp as he dogged the shovel and brought the sword up to Fins throat. He held him there for a while and continued towards the house. When they were both inside, he released Fin and pointed the blade at his back. In a deep, threatening voice, he announced himself. “I am a messenger for the Blackwood Company. I have been sent here to find Fin-Ra, I known Hist tree farmer.” Fin turned to the man and scowled at him, “What do you want red eyed devil.” The Dunmer continued on about how he needed his help to transport a hist tree into Tamriel. Fins eyes grew wide and he lunged at the man again. His hatred for their kind glowed as he lashed out at him, scratching a deep goudge into the man’s breast plate. The Dunmer spun around him and reached for Itun’s mother, who had bother of her children standing in front of her. He knocked them both aside with a swing of his gauntlets and grabbed Sinfeara. Now with the blade to her neck, he continued to speak about moving it into their base of operations in the city of Leyawiin. Fin knelt before him and begged him to spare his family. He agreed to help if he left them alone. The Dunmer smiled and laughed, “I will leave here with your woman, and when you have completed the task of providing us with Hist Sap, then I will return her to you. “ Fin and his two sons watched as he rode off with her. Helpless, Fin grabbed everything that he and his sons would need for the trip and for their work and headed to Leyawiin.
It took several months to get to the city and to cross the boarders of Tamriel, but the three Argonians made their way to Leyawiin. Once in the city they found the building that had been instructed to them as the Blackwood Company’s headquarters. They were there for little less than a day, living in the basement as they prepared for the trees arrival, before one night they were called into the streets. A horse and carriage had arrived, caring what looked like to be a small sapling. The tree was easy enough to carry inside and get into position, but then the hard part came. Making sure the tree had the proper nutrients it needed was a full time job which wore on Itun and his family. His brother and father ceased to talk; they became slaves to the company, and to their new present. For several years the three of them worked silently rarely having anything to do with the outside world. Until one day, Itun awoke to the sound of rustling coming from the floor above. There were swords clashing, and people yelling until finally the door to the basement burst open. I tall, armored man walked into the room. Itun’s brother and father did exactly what they had been instructed to in the case of such an event. They mindlessly ran at the man, swinging their fists in rage. The man drew his sword and brought it down across both of them, and they moved no more. Itun watched as the man approached his corner that he had backed into, and then reach out for him. In a split second Itun thought that this was the end, until the man reached past him and grabbed the pipe next to Itun’s head. He took the pipe and rammed it into the gears that pumped into the trees. There was a slow grinding sound and then he did it again. 3 times the man jammed the pipes into the machine keeping the tree alive until everything went quiet. Then there was a burst of flame and the machine exploded, catching the whole room ablaze. The man bolted from the room and back up the stairs, Itun never saw him again. Itun escaped the burning building covered in black soot. As he brushed his arms clean, he noticed that there was nothing under the soot. His skin, muscles, bones, had all vanished before his eyes. He left the rest of the soot on until he grew too tired he could no longer stand. The strain that his accidental magic was taking on him was more than he could bear. He let the darkness of his waking dreams take hold of him and he fell unconscious at the foot of the church steps.
Many hours passed as Itun-Ru slipped in and out of consciousness. He remembered a yellow figure hoisting him up, and then laying on a bed inside. The next morning he awake to the sound of pages flipping. Itun rose up and took in his surroundings. A tan hooded figure sat across from him, flipping through the pages of a book. The man looked up to reveal the whiskered face of a Khajiit. He smiled at him and placed the book down on the table beside him. “I was wondering when you would awaken my friend. Fear not, for you are safe in the Leyawiin Mages Guild. I was walking out of the pub when I saw your chard form stretched in front of a crowd of people. I thought maybe you were dead but when I saw your arm I knew something else had happened. So I brought you here, cleaned you up, and removed that spell from you.” Itun looked at his hands. Spell, he hadn’t cast a spell, not on purpose at least. The Khajiit introduced himself as S’drassa, and informed him on his theory of why he had turned invisible. The power that his mother had tried to nurture had awaken in the emotional state of the attack. His Illusion abilities took over and he turned invisible. S’drassa said it was not unusual for powers to awaken like this and asked about Itun-Ru’s past. After an afternoon of talking, Itun left the guild and walked to the now burned down building. As he mourned, S’drassa approached him with an offer. He would teach Itun to use his powers, to harness all that he could from the gift he had been given, so that he could continue on and search for his mother. Itun agreed and spent many years in the guild and many other guilds, learning what he could from the remaining Blackwood company associates and always looking for his mother.
For 100 years, Itun-Ru’s magically prolonged life allowed him to continue to look for his mother. Even though finding her alive grows dimmer and dimmer every year that passed, he still continued to look. His travels led him to the Chydinhal mages guild where he teaches and continues to look as the factions Warlock.
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Itun-Ru character sheet
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