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 Finn Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Finn Character Sheet   Finn Character Sheet Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 4:16 pm

Name: Finn

Age: 25

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Long brown hair, Clean shaven face, Hazel Green eyes, Muscular, Tall

Known Relatives/Spouses: Relatives - Deceased. Spouses - None

Personality: No feelings for anyone because of the horrific death of his parents. Only knows how to survive and fend for himself.

Skills: Survival, Hand-to-hand, Archery, Daggers, Throwing Objects, Theft.

History/Bio: Born in Anvil, Finn lived a seaman's life. He fished daily with this father. His mother was always cleaning, gardening, and cooking. Both of Finn's parents loved him dearly and he loved them just as much. At the age of 5 Finn saw both his parents brutally murdered by the Dark Brotherhood. His father was decapitated right in front of him. He watched helplessly as his mother was raped and beaten to death. Finn escaped through his bedroom window and ran as far as he could and never looked back. He isolated himself in the forest for 20 years. He learned to live off the land. After a while Finn knew he wanted to get revenge on the Dark Brotherhood, so he moved into the city of Cheydinhal to seek training in hand to hand combat.
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Finn Character Sheet
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