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 Warik Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Warik Character Sheet   Warik Character Sheet Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 4:05 pm

Name: Warik

Age: 24

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Long brown hair, short braided beard, green eyes, 6'3, toned physique

Known Relatives/Spouses: Only known relative is mother, deceased.

Personality: Generally friendly and kind, though he is known for outbursts of anger that get him in trouble. He also has a knack for cunning and manipulation, a product of his childhood.

Skills: Proficient with blade weapons, light and heavy armor, and hand to hand combat. He knows how to move about unnoticed, and has some experience with lock-picking. He also has some skill with ranged weapons, though he prefers close combat.

History/Bio: Warik was born in the city of Falkreath in southern Skyrim. His mother, Arionne, cared and provided for him alone; he never knew his father, not even his name, and was only told later in his life that the man had been a traveling adventurer who had passed through Falkreath for a brief time. Arionne had a small house in the poorer section of the city that was left to her by her parents, and this is where she raised Warik. She had to work many different jobs in order to provide for them, which often meant Warik was alone. As a youngster, he began to roam the streets of the city, often getting himself into trouble, though his quick wit and quicker feet usually got him out of it. By the age of 8, he had learned some skills in thievery from other street kids, which allowed him to secretly supplement his mothers wages with pickpocketing and theft. This went on for a few years, until shortly after Warik's 13th birthday, when his mother became very ill. Arionne was unable to work, and Warik became desperate to find new ways of making money. He found odd jobs to do around his neighborhood, but he still gained most of his income from stealing. One day, he was tipped off that the headquarters for a Mercenary group not far from his home was going to be unoccupied, save for one old Redguard warrior, for a short time due to a large operation the company had been hired for. Thinking he could find some good equipment there to fence, he decided to break into the headquarters. In the process of his heist, he found himself caught by the remaining warrior, who despite his age, was no less alert. The old man was named Pranoc, and though he stopped Warik's thievery, he was unable to restrain him. Warik managed to escape to his home. What he did not realize is that Pranoc had followed him there, with the attention of alerting the young man's parents to his actions. Upon revealing himself to the sick and bed ridden Arionne, Pranoc took pity on Warik and his situation. He made a deal with Warik, that he would forget what had happened if Warik agreed to work for Pranoc's company, doing whatever was needed. Warik agreed, and soon found his days filled with cleaning, errands, and whatever else was needed by the mercenary company. Slowly he began to take an interest in the combat training he witnessed, and when he approached Pranoc, the old warrior agreed to train him. He continued to do the menial work, but his spare time became consumed with combat training. Pranoc taught him the art of swordsmanship, and many other skills of combat. Over time, the two became friends, and Warik became obsessed with Pranoc's old stories. Pranoc had been a member of the Fighter's Guild in Cyrodiil, and had retired after many years. He had only joined this mercenary outfit when his wife had died, saying that he needed something to occupy his time. Warik began to dream of joining the Fighter's guild, to adventure just as Pranoc did in his younger days.
Warik had been training for a little more than a year when his mother passed away. Suddenly finding himself sad and alone, Warik began to focus even harder on the combat training he was receiving from Pranoc. On his 16th birthday, Pranoc gifted him with and old iron longsword, and told him that he was being sent on assignment to Black Marsh for a few months. Warik continued to train alone, waiting for his mentor's return. 3 months later, a returning mercenary informed Warik that Pranoc had been killed in action. Warik was devastated. Before long, Warik began to return to his old ways, spending his time on the streets, stealing what he couldn't afford on his meager savings. He had tried to find work with his combat training, but his lack of experience and young age made most turn him down. Warik became desperate. He began looking for any way to make money. His most successful scam involved secretly putting large rats in some of the cities' wealthier peoples homes, then charging to eradicate the vermin. Unfortunately, it was not long before the truth became known, and Warik became a wanted man. He soon found himself on the run, leaving his home of 19 years.
Warik struck out southeast, roaming through the mountains on his way to Cyrodiil. Along the way, he would stop for months at a time in small settlements where there was work to be done, whether labor or slaying. By the time he made it to Cyrodiil, he was known in the mountains for his willingness to help with problems, for a profit of course. When he reached the city of Bruma, he was finally able to fulfill his dream of joining the Fighter's Guild. His success allowed him to outfit himself with leather armor and a fine steel longsword, which he affectionately named "Cassandra". Warik spent years at the Bruma Guild, before finally being sent to Cheydinhal, due to some issues he had with the Bruma guild leader. Warik currently lives in Cheydinhal, as a Journeyman of the Fighter's Guild.
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Warik Character Sheet
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