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 Character Application

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PostSubject: Character Application   Character Application Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 12:38 am

We want to give you as much freedom as possible to design your character. That being said, there are some rules. This post has a template of the character application you will need to submit for your characters. Next to each section I will include notes in parentheses if necessary.

Character Sheet

Name: (Try to stay close to the style of names for each race from the games.)


Race: (Stay with playable races from the Elder Scrolls games)


Physical Description: (Hair, eyes, build, etc)

Known Relatives/Spouses: (For story purposes)


Skills: (List skills such as you would have in the games. Remember to limit yourself - No God-like characters. Also, if you use magic, you need to list the schools you specialize in and the spells you have mastered. You are not limited by this list, your character can develop more over the course of the stories.)

History/Bio: (Give us your characters background. This is the most important aspect of the application, we will look here to see how well developed your character idea is in order to make the decision to accept or not. Please be as detailed as possible, and have fun with it.)

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Character Application
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