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 Hawker Character

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Name: Leslie Hawker
Age: 26
Race: Redguard
Gender: Male

Known Relatives/Spouses: Lalaine Felannus (Wife)

Physical Description: Hawk has a deep colored brown skin, and stands the average 5’11 for a Redguard, standard build. The only thing that is different is his pale yellow eyes. He has three scars across his left cheek from previous battles.

Skills: Excels at pole arm weaponry and moving in heavy armor, a great runner that rarely gets fatigued, and knows how to operate a forge well. He is a fantastic hunter and can move around silently in his armor.

Personality: Can easily find a friend in anyone, almost uncommonly friendly for his race. However, proving yourself to him as a warrior is a different experience. He’d rather fight a stranger for days than take them to fight at his side.

History/Bio: Hawker was found when he was about one year old at the doorstep of the chapel of Satakal in Rihad, Hammerfell. Rihad was a city full of warriors from all over the empire, so naturally, growing up Hawker was influenced by them. Life in the chapel was boring, spreading incense, cleaning; this was not the life Hawker wanted. When he was about six, Hawker met a man that changed his life forever. The man was walking in the town as Hawker was out on the front steps, sitting and dreaming. Hawker looked up to see the tower of a man walk in front of him, his skin much lighter than Hawkers. The man had a short, scruffy beard with strands of blonde and red throughout it. His hair long, dark blonde, and two wind braids on each side of his head with the rest of his hair flowing freely. The man wore a shiny suit of armor; it almost hurt for Hawker to look at it. The last detail that caught the young boy’s attention was the massive, spear-like weapon on his back. It was a long pole with steel and wood worked into it, elaborate designs and ruins danced across its body flowing up to the top of it where a thick crescent blade made of a green metal Hawker had never seen before, was attached with two pieces of steel. The entire weapon was pulsing with electricity. Hawker watched in awe as the man went into the tavern. That night, the only thing on Hawker’s mind was that man and his weapon. What was it? How did it do that? I want to be like that! All these thoughts kept going through his mind as he rested for the next day. The next day started out like any other, Hawker was doing his morning chores when Father Din asked him to come into the burial tomb with him. This was new; Hawker had never gone in there because it was forbidden for him to go in alone. Hawker ran towards him, excited to see what was down there. Past the graves they went, deeper into the tomb. Hawker started to get nervous and keep closer to Father Din, grabbing his robe. Hawker saw the other members of the chapel ahead of him, around a slab of stone. He felt more at ease with the others that he grew up with down here too. One of the others grabbed Hawker and placed him on the slab. Hawker began to panic and flailed about, trying to break free. Father Din raised a dagger above his head and started chanting in a language Hawker had never heard before. In an instant, the green metal he had seen yesterday ripped through Father Din’s chest, sending blood onto Hawker. The blade came out and decapitated Father Din, right in front of Hawker’s young eyes. The blonde man he saw yesterday stood behind the falling corpse. “Come on you dirty vampires.” Hawker was released as the other seven members flocked to the man. Hawker raised his hands to cover his eyes, and all he could think was, when did they become vampires? Had they always been vampires? I had heard stories of the men in the town talking about vampires, but never in the city. As he still sat on the slab, Hawker felt an arm on his. “NO!” He screamed as he tried to get away. Hawker looked up and saw it was the man, so he stopped his movements. “Did they hurt you boy?” The man said, with almost a nurturing sound about his voice. Hawker silently shook his head as he dried up his tears. The man let go of his arm and held out his hand, “Come on boy, let’s get you out of here.” Hawker took his hand as the man led him out onto the street. “Where are your parents little one?” “I don’t know” Hawker said as he looked to the ground. “They were the closest thing I had to parents. I never knew my real ones.” The man got on one knee, “Oh no, well…seems like I’ll have to take you, I can’t just leave you out on-“ “OKAY!!” Hawker screamed at the top of his lungs. “Ha, you’ve got a spirit out of you. I may make a warrior out of you yet.” Hawker’s eyes glowed with happiness. The man stood up, “Well, if I am taking you…you should know my name huh? I am Henrik of Falkreath, what do they call you?” “Well…I am a little embarrassed of my full name…” Hawker said with hesitation as his cheeks turned red. Henrik put his hand on Hawker’s shoulder, “It’s okay boy, tell me.” “Leslie….Leslie Hawker…” The nord stood still for a second, “How about I just call you Hawker, huh?” Hawker looked up, “Okay!” Hawker went with Henrik, for years they traveled across Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, and Valenwood. When Hawker was eighteen, he and Henrik decided it was time he found his own path. Henrik wanted to return home to Skyrim and Hawker still wanted to adventure. Henrik gave Hawker his malachite halberd, a token of becoming a man for him never to forget about his past. Henrik took it with pride as they went their separate ways from Cyrodiil. By this time, Hawker had his own set of steel armor. From his neck down to his feet, he was covered in steel. Henrik had taught him how to move like a shadow in the heavy armor, and how to use his halberd with efficiency. Hawker was heading through Skingrad on his way to hunt the rare animals of Valenwood, when he decided to go into the West Weald Inn for the night. It was there he met a beautiful Imperial woman by the name of Lalaine Felannus. She was an adventurer like him, she had long black hair and eyes as blue as the sea he was raised up next to. They spent the entire night telling stories of their travels, their homes, and weapons. In the morning, when Hawker was heading out, Lalaine was out front waiting for him, offering her company to him. They were on the road and trails for months together, crossing into Valenwood. It was in Valenwood where Hawker told of his love for Lalaine and they were going to be wed when the returned to Cyrodiil. One night, north of Slvenor, deep in the forest where the two had built a makeshift camp, Hawker was out gathering wood to keep the fire warm. On his way back, he was attacked by a pack of werebears. One of the werebears caught him across his face, before slicing its head off with his halberd. After all of the beasts where killed, he ran back to the camp to check on Lalaine. It was too late; she had been brutally ripped apart by the savage beasts. Hawker went into a rage, swinging his halberd madly at any target. After hours of running through the forest around his camp, murdering anything that got in his path, he came back to the camp and wrapped up Lalaine’s body in the tent. Henrik got the help of a traveling caravan and took her body back to Skingrad for a proper burial ceremony.
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Hawker Character
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