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 Velheart character

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Name- Mahlon Velheart



Velheart is a largebulky Nordic man towering over many standing 6'5 . He weilds a hulking physique with canon like arms latched onto monstrous shoulders. He keeps his dirty blond hair cut short (like a modern day fade) with a beard wrapping his jaw and chin in gottee form also manicured. His eyes are a light icy blue that some would say glow in the moonlight. And pierce through the courage that most men thought they had before theyfound his deadly glaze.

Skill abilities - heavy armor, spear combat, shields, hand to hand combat, conjuration magiks excels in conjuring ethereal weapons and armor. And favors frost atronach spell. But can raise the dead and other atronachs aswell

Velheart came to be after he was born in a small village on mount anthor south of winterhold. The village consisted of a small clan of nords known as the velheart clan. These men and women were fierce warriors who weilded giant tortise shell shields ans spears. There enemies would commonly refer to them as reaper lords on the battle feild Bc blows would be deflected and swiftly followed by death as they were skewered. But these warriors were dying out and the clan was weakened by the old age. Mahlon and his sister terra were twins born of the clans head. Balrog was their fathers name and mothers Lyza. He was a strong lad growing up besting the few other children in the tribe in combat training. The others strived to be him in every way but it was like he was out of their reach with the blood of his parents coursing through him. He was a force to be reckoned with even against veteran worriors. His sister on the other hand didn't take to combat she would never learn to weild a weaponand velheart said shed never have to,that he'd be thesword for them both. It was when they were 14 that the village was raided by hordes of bandits at dusk. They rode in mounted on horses and bore large swords and plate armor. They claimed that theyed slaughter them all if they didnt swear to be their slaves. But that would never be. The reaper lords would die with shields and spears In hand and blood quenching arkays thirst. Those bandits wouldn't have stood a chance if the reapers weren't caught off guard. The clan took to battle with wat they had some with spears others with knives it was a gruesome sight watching velhearts friends die infront of him anger fear sadness it was raw emotions growing but the children were told to stay put. But he could only watch so much. He grabbed his spear and sheild and tore into battle next to his father lunging into the fray thrust his spear into the heart of a bandit. It was his first human life taken. It was heavy even tho it was the right thing. But it stopped him in is tracks. And another thug took his shot and let loose an arrow it struck him through his shoulder. As he fell balrog threw his spear through the mans skull spiking him to a tree. He barked at velhart and said the words he heard so many times in training never let your shield fall son. Balrog spun throwing down his shield and let out a roar. His body shape changing sprouting dark brown fur growing atleast a foot taller with the features of a bear. Balrog was a were bear and a ferocious one he was. He sank his teeth into an oncoming thug And at that moment he was taken down by a second man with a silver claymore. Lyza running to aide. Throwing her spear knocking the brute down the mountains edge. Tears ran down her bloody face she knelt down and said but more importantly never let your spear leave your grasp. And she turned to face balrog. And velheart saw for the first time congeration magick. His father balrog was lifted and back in the fray. Lyza looked back and said remember our words and be as strong as your father and as cunning as i.she held out her hand and an ethereal spear formed where there was once nothing and she was off. Forcing the enemy back they were cast out by the snow in the distance. Velheart trotted back to the children and sat by his sister not muttering a word. Hours past as they waited for the return of family and comrades. They iheard horses and they went running to great them but wat they saw was terrifying. Ten bloody savages war torn and angry. The leader said looks like allnis left are a few pups, kill them, kill them like there weak parents. Anger grew in mahlons hear, hatred even, a primal fury burned within him and he carted forward his forearm catching first bandit under his chin snapping his neck. Two more in front of him swords drawn. But trembling at the beast before them. One swung his sword but his arm was caught and broke. Mahlon grabbed the sword and swung so hard and fast you could hear the wind screaming in fear. The sword caught the mans neck and his head rolled off his shoulders the other man ran in fear. Mahlon shouted at the bandit leader. Begone you foul beast the man chuckled and an instant later you heard gurgling. Mahlon threw the sword and pierced the mans throat knocking him from his horse. The bandits stared inhorror at the sight. Maholn Turned to them and shouted leave or ill throw you each off of my mountain . With that 5 bandis remained and one let loose an arrow towards velhearts sister he lept in front of it taking it through his left arm. He rose with a fire burning deep down anger over took him he began to change as his father did before him, only velheart was larger with the whitest fur blending into the snow fall. He charged forward clawing the bandits, tearing their limbs from their soon lifeless bodies. His white coat stained red he turned to his sister and comrades and began losing his beastial form. He motioned for the boys to loot the bodies and ready the horses. After what they just saw they were quick to follow his orders. They saddled up and proceeded down the mountain. They reached the bodies of his mother and father and he buried them together under the tree where he had found them. Saying his final goodbyes to his loved ones he stood up and collected his mothers shield and strapped it to his back and they were off. They arrived in winter hold and found sanctuary by its ppl. Here is where he and his sister spent much of their time studying at the college of winter hold mahlon specializing in conqueration so that he would forever have his weapon by his side and his sheild raised. And his sister training restoration so she could heal her brothers wounds along their journeys. After the two soaked up all the knowledge of the school they decided to take their leave and make way to cyrodile to the city of bruma. Mahlon figured this the best place for his sister to start her new life. They gathered their supplys and steeds and made haste to their new home. Just a few days into their travels they came across a dead snowy sabre cat and a pack of dead snow wolves. Mahlon dismounted his horse to check out the what had happened. He pushed over the sabre cat to his surprise he found a baby sabre cat. The large Nord always had a soft spot for the beasts of the world so he scooped up the cub and wrapped it in some cloth from his pouch. He then cut off a some meat from the wolves and fed the cub some of the meat to ease his hunger. He walked to the mother sabre cat and promised her he'd look out for her cub from now on. Terra protested that taking the cub was to dangerous and scoffed at the idea, but mahlon wouldn't let the poor creature meet its fate there. He mounted his horse and put his new friend in his lap and said, serah is going with us terra. He grinned at the idea and they were on the trail to bruma yet again. When they finally arrived in bruma mahlon purchased a house for his sister and himself. It wasn't the largest house but hit was big enough for the three to live comfortably for awhile. Mahlon turned to hunting as his way to make a few septums. And to feed his family. It was easier with serah by his side. As she was born to be a skilled hunter. He'd trade the pelts fornseptums and keep the meat for food. The ppl. Of bruma at first feared serah bc of what she was but outside of hunting she was a kind soul like her master. One day on one of their daily hunts they we're ambushed by a group of bandit thugs and serah rushed into battle without mahlon. He was running as fast as he could but he was no match for her speed and before he got by her side she was slashed down her side. Mahlon let out a scream and summoned a spear to his right hand and flung it with the force of a giants swing. The spear hit the bandit square in the temple causing him to do a 180° back flip. As he reached the other two bandits he bashed the first with such force it shattered the mans skull knocking him clear out of his way. He grabbed the last man by the face and lifted him above himself with one hand and swung him down a rock spilling his brains on the ground. He turned to serah and picked her massive body up in his arms and sprinted back to the city walls. He crashed through the city gate running to his home. He yelled for terra to heal her wounds. Terra came rushing down the stairs and a golden light emitted from her hands and engulfed serah. The wounds began to slowly close. Mahlon grabbed terra lifting her off the ground hugging her with tearsnrunning down his scruffy cheeks. Thank you he said to his sister and she smilled at her brother knowing she had finally protected him. The next morning mahlon was up gathering his armor and shield. Terra asked where he was going without serah. He told her he was headed to the emperial city to have her some sort of armor fashoined for his feline companion so that something like this would never happen again. He said he farewells and promised to not be to long gone. And he rode with haste to the emperial city.

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Velheart character
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