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 Tyvir Ashoss

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Name: Tyvir Ashoss

Age: 31

Race: Dunmer

Gender: Male

Physical Description: He is fairly average in height, and his build is toned, though not very stocky. He has shoulder length blue-black hair, typically pulled into a tight ponytail. He has a sharp pointed goatee, that often lends a devilish flair to his already dark appearance. His eyes are a pale red, slight evidence of the Vampirism that affects him. He is typically clothed in the Shrouded Armor that was gifted to him by the Dark Brotherhood – It is a light armor variant of black leather, complete with a black hood. He typically carries a silver longsword and a fine steel bow on his back, and two glass daggers at his waist. He also keeps a silver dagger concealed in his boot.

Known Relatives/Spouses: Mordis Ashoss, Father (Deceased); Alyana Ashoss, Mother (Deceased)
Kynal Ashoss, Brother (Deceased); and Fyrnal Ashoss, Brother

Personality: He is a quiet, calm, calculating man, and has often been described as ruthless. He will typically achieve his own goals or those of the Brotherhood in any way possible, and at any cost. He is driven by a desire for power, but also greed – he has a strong love for wealth. He will typically choose paths that don't endanger the innocent, but if this is the only option, or the most profitable option, he will do what he must.

Skills: He is skilled in combat with blades, but also excels with a bow. He is adept at sneaking and lock-picking, as fits his career choice. He has some basic training in the arts of Illusion and restoration, allowing some basic healing of himself and others, and also the illusion skills that allow him to see better in the dark. For Illusion: Night-eye – See in the dark for 5 minutes. Demoralize – cause enemies to flee. (If they are weak of mind). For Restoration: Minor Heal – he can restore small amounts of damage on himself or others. Major heal – He can heal major wounds on himself, though it is very taxing on his Magicka. He also has the skills related to his vampirism, that change in power according to when he last fed. He always has the ability to detect life and see in the dark for short periods of time.

History/Bio: Tyvir Ashoss was born in the Imperial City to Mordis and Alyana Ashoss. Mordis was an immigrant from Morrowind who had come to the capital of Cyrodiil and made a name for himself as a merchant of general goods. His skills at getting whatever someone needed in a timely manner made him quite successful, and he set himself up as the head of a quickly growing merchant empire, selling and buying goods all over Tamriel. Alyana had been a young and talented Mage's Guild Apprentice in the Imperial City, but she left the Guild when she fell in love with the young but successful Mordis. They traveled the world on his business dealings, but before long decided to settle in his Elven Gardens District mansion to begin a family. Tyvir was their second son, born shortly after Kynal. Tyvir was a very quiet, very smart child, and his childhood was very good. His parents loved him deeply, and no one in the family was in want of anything, as their Father's fortune sustained them in a life of luxury. At the young age of 6, Alyana began training her young son in the arts of magic. She had sensed the gift in him, and she taught these basics to him early on. Tyvir was a quick learner, and his mother began making plans to prep him for the Mage's Guild.
Shortly after his 10th birthday, Tyvir's younger brother Fyrnal was born. He became very attached to him, and protective as well, possible because his older brother Kynal was always very cold to Tyvir, resenting him for usurping his parents attentions. Even though their seemed to be a lot of tension between Kynal and Tyvir, the young Tyvir still wanted to emulate his older brother. When Kynal, at the age of 15, asked to begin learning the arts of combat, his father hired trainers for him. Tyvir saw his brothers growing prowess, and much to his parent's dismay, asked to participate in the training. He was only 12, but he picked up the skills very quickly, and the trainers found him to have natural talent with the blade. This attention began to irritate Kynal, who began to do everything he could to upset the family. It wasn't long before Kynal left the home, vowing himself to a life of adventuring after he fought with his father over his excessive use of the family fortune for his own personal pleasure.
When Tyvir was 16, he left to join the Mage's Guild, his mother's prodding finally winning out. He was quickly accepted, and found himself an Associate. He began traveling from city to city, trying to earn recommendations to gain acceptance into the Guild as an Apprentice. It was while on these travels that he received word through the guild of his father's death. It was an accident, they said, that his father was ambushed by bandits on the way to a business meeting in Valenwood. He was devastated, but he could not abandon his duties, so he continued on his quests. Before long, he received word from his mother that Kynal had returned home, claiming his place as the heir to his father's estate, and had taken over the family's wealth and businesses. Soon his mother's messages became infrequent and short, until he received a letter that changed everything. His mother wrote him, saying she could no longer send messages through the Guild, because Kynal had paid the guild to refuse her. He was also beginning to run the businesses into the ground, his excessive expenditure slowly bankrupting the family. His mother also mention his violent, drunken temper, how he would sometimes be abusive with her and young Fyrnal. It was the end of the letter that shocked him most. His mother had found reason to believe that Kynal had orchestrated his father's death, in order to gain the estate. Tyvir was horrified, and in the ensuing anger, he quit the Mage's Guild and headed back to the Imperial City. He broke into the home of his youth, confronting his older brother. Kynal denied the allegations, but when their mother showed them both the evidence she had found, Kynal struck her in anger, knocking her from the top floor of the home, to crash to the lowest floor in a broken heap. With nothing but rage in his heart, Tyvir fell upon his older brother, beating him to the point of immobility. Tyvir finished Kynal with his own knife, slicing open the throat of his older sibling. Something changed in him that day, when he found that he not only felt satisfaction at his brother's death, but enjoyed the act itself. He had found his true calling.
Now the Ashoss household held only Tyvir and his younger brother Fyrnal. Tyvir assumed the duties of his father, handling the businesses while also raising his younger brother. Years passed, and Tyvir continued to work on repairing the damage done to his father's estate by Kynal. He even began growing the business more, gaining a ruthless reputation as he pushed other businesses out of the market. By the time Fyrnal was 16, he had developed a skill with numbers, and Tyvir would often leave him in charge of the family estate while he went abroad for new opportunities. It was one one of these trips that Tyvir nearly lost his life. He had just arrived back in Cyrodiil from Elswyer, smuggling a shipment of skooma, when his caravan was attacked by bandits. All of his guards and associates were murdered, and Tyvir was captured. They made a sport out of him, forcing him to fight men while he was weaponless, but the training of his youth came back to him, and the bandits began to fear him, because he brutally killed everyone they pit against him. He knew soon they would execute him, as they began to understand how dangerous he was. Finally, he decided to take matters in to his own hands. He tried to escape, but the bandits outnumbered him. He killed as many as he could, fighting through every injury, bodies laying all around him, before he finally collapsed from fatigue.
He awoke two days later, after a very strange dream involving blood and rituals. He found himself in the presence of a pale, strange man. The man informed him that he came upon the bandits, and watched as Tyvir dispatched them one by one. When Tyvir collapsed, he stepped in. The man revealed that he was a vampire in service of the Dark Brotherhood, and that he viewed Tyvir as a potential recruit. He slaughtered most of the surviving bandits before returning to the broken Tyvir. When he realized the Dunmer was near death, he decided to turn him. Tyvir was shocked to find out what he had become, but the power he felt coursing through him was intoxicating. He fed that night the first time on a captive bandit, and so began his new existence.
He went back to the Imperial City with his new friend, Patrolus Deikarus, a Silencer of the Dark Brotherhood. It was then that he was led to the sewers, meeting the Speaker of the Brotherhood, who initiated him as a Murderer. Before long, he achieved the rank of Slayer, and found his skills, and enjoyment of the hunt, growing even stronger. Tyvir still resides in the City, in the mansion of his family, though his time is mostly spent with the Dark Brotherhood. Fyrnal continues to run the family businesses, and Tyvir keeps and eye always on him. Tyvir has become cold and ruthless, but he still retains a strong love for his younger sibling.
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Tyvir Ashoss
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