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Name: Noa Zafia
Age: 28

Race: Khajiit

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Noa is a very dark furred Khajiit. He wears his mane long and his fur is always nice and tidy. He does not like to be called a “house cat” and thus keeps himself neat and tidy. His left ear is pierced with 2 golden hoops, as is custom for his house. He garbs himself in a tight leather outfit called the Regiment of the Listener, but keeps the suit concealed by his dark brotherhood robes.

Known Relatives/Spouses: Ta’hara Zafia (Spouse), Fur’hien Zafia (father/deceased), Runkin Zafia (mother), Shava Zafia (sister)

Personality: Noa is a very agitated soul. He is constantly watching over his shoulder and keeping his backs to walls. Although he is very skittish, he is not a coward. He will not back down from a fight, or try and talk his way out of a situation. “Kill first, ask questions later.” Is the motto that he has lived by ever since he was a cub. However, he is not a barbarian; he is neat and tidy about everything. Constantly making sure he is in pristine condition. Although a complicated cat, the one person who has always been able to bring his mind ease would be his life mate Ta’hara.

Skills: Noa is a master of stealth and security, but sometimes lacks the proper judgment when to use them. His main weapon of choice is the dark ebony bow that his father passed down to him. He also hides a 6” blade up his sleeve that is attached to a retractable string on his Regiment of the Listener. The skill that he is most proud of his ability’s in the art of Alchemy. As a master of alchemy, he can find a use for every plant that he finds through his attuned senses.
History/Bio: Noa was born in the land of the dunmer. Morrowind was not the best place to raise a litter of cubs but Fur’hien and Runkin did for 11 years. Throughout those years that Noa and his sister Shava lived, they rarely saw their father. Sometimes being gone for months at a time. Their mother was a very proud and sturdy mother and when asked about her husband would always reply “He is doing the will of his mother.” In the land of Morrowind, this kind of comment did not strike anyone as odd, however word eventually spread throughout the land to the Morag Tong who found this to be very troubling. When Noa and his sister were 16 they greeted by a man in stitched leather armor as they entered the local pub in their town of Blacklight. The figure watched them as they entered and sat next to Noa. “Hello there kitty kitty, might I ask you some questions.” Noa ignored the man who he could not make out through his Iron helm. “Your father, what does he do for a living? You and your pretty little sister live in a very nice home here, what does your father do to pay for all this?” Noa looked at him and sin the same tone that his mother always replied he said with a smirk “He’s out doing the will of his mother.” The man snickers at him and got up and left. Several months later his father came home for the first time in almost a year. It was a joyous night of gifts and hugs and love for the entire family. However the love ended before the next day. During the night, Noa and his sister were awoken with their mother placing her hands on their mouths. She motioned for them to stay silent and pointed at the door. Their father was standing to the side watching threw the crack as several shadows moved in front of the door. She grabbed each cub under an arm and kissed their father goodbye. Before she jumped from the window, Fur’hien gave each cub a package wrapped in cloth and told them that he loved them. She leapt from the home into a nearby tree and landed in a sprint towards the frost to the east. From the safety of the woods, they looked back at the town, only to see a mount onus fire erupt from where their house had been. They continued on into the night until they reached a small cave in the mountains. When Noa awoke the next morning, he found his mother sitting by the fire looking at a map. She had drawn a red line from their trail which had put them in the north east part of the land Cyrodil. Noa and his family continued threw the mountains until they reached the shores of the imperial city. There, Noa’s mother was able procure a house in the Waterfront district for them to stay in. When they had gotten settled on the one bed, Noa and his sister asked what had happened. Runkin sat in a chair and explained to them that their father was known as a “Listener” for a group of people known as The Dark Brotherhood. She explained his position and what he had to do, and why the people of the Morag Tong had broken into their home and killed him. “They do not like the Dark Brotherhood. In Morrowind, they are the knife to slip through the preys ribs. But here, the bark brother hood is our family, and they are the ones who will help us.” Noa and his sister contemplated their mother’s words as they opened their father’s final gifts. Shava received a beautifully crafted elven dagger. A note attached to the hilt explained that it was known as the “Dagger of ever burden”, those stricken with the blade would become lethargic, tired, and would collapse from exhaustion for the rest of their lives. “To keep my kitten safe from those who wish to harm her.” was the last part of the note. She wept over the blade while Noa opened his. A neatly package set of leather armor, that when unfolded, was twice the size of him. He looked it over and found a setting for a dagger on the right cufflink with a note attached to it. It read “This is the Regiment of the Listener, a gift from the night mother herself. It was presented to me on the day I became the listener and I present it to you so that you will use it to keep our family safe. Not just your sister and mother, but your NEW family as well.” As he read the last part, a knock on the door awoke everyone from their drier mood. A tall, dark cloaked woman entered the room. “Greetings Zafia family, I am Ta, speaker for the family here in the Imperial city. We are deeply sorry for your loss, and wish to extend our hand to you in this time of loss. But do not fear, your father now sits at the base of Sithis throne and is content.” After several hours of detailed explanation of how they had gotten there, Ta stood and looked at Noa and his sister. “So which one of you is to come with me? We must get started if you are to become part of the family.” Shava backed away into her mother, but Noa stood and proudly explained, “By the will of the Night Mother, I am her servant.” He hugged his family good bye and left with Ta. For several years he trained in the secret temple of the night mother in the imperial city until he was old enough to become a member. After completing his initiation ceremony for the family, he was accepted into the family with open arms. He continued to work, doing whatever the night mother asked of him without question. He became ruthless, heartless, and very tidy. On one mission, he was sent to execute the unlawful present who was smuggling slaves in and out of Cyrodil. He followed the man to his home in the temple district and waited till he was asleep. With a quick knife and a silent hand, he killed the man in cold blood. Going down to his basement, he found cages of prisoners, some dyeing, some dead, but none of them moved when he approached. HE was unsure of what to do with them; he turned to leave when a voice reached out to him, a soft purr from a female Khajiit whose beauty left him speechless. Even though her tattered sack cloths reviled her to be very lean and abused Khajiit, but Noa was more focused on her face. She begged that he release them, swearing that none of them would speak a word as to what had happened. Noa’s cold heart broke for the girl and he released them. Afterwards he watched over the girl as she started her life in the city with nothing to go back to. He learned her name was Ta’hara and when he was not doing missions for the family, he spent all his time with her until they too became a family and started a new life in the Elven gardens district of the city. Noa’s mother and sister moved out of water district and into the temple district with the help of the brotherhood. Shava took up a job as a shop vendor, and informant for the brotherhood in the market districts “The Best Defense”.
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Noa Zafia app
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